Our approach

Our research focuses on supramodal semantic representation of conceptual knowledge, multisensory perception, action, social cognition and sleep. To this aim, we employ a wide range of experimental techniques including brain functional methodologies (fMRI) and neurophysiological techniques (EEG). The Lab comprises a multidisciplinary integrated research group with biologists, engineers, psychologists and physicians. We employ and develop advanced tools for brain functional and structural data analysis, including multivoxel pattern analyses, functional/effective connectivity approaches, cortical and subcortical morphological evaluation.

Our collaborations

The MoMiLab is constantly enlarging its collaborations with national and international institutions. The topics of collaborations range from the neuroscience of the ‘blind brain’ to action understanding and motor control, from the neurobiology of sleep to neurolinguistics. These collaborations aims at providing complementary expertise on neuropsychological tools, advanced analyses in neuroimaging, translational applications in bioengineering and robotics and clinical psychology.