The Multidisciplinary Laboratory for cognitive-behavioral experiments is equipped with two sound-proofed cabins (Boxy and B-ear), outfitted with equipment for carrying out cognitive-behavioral experiments. The cabins are equipped with instruments that allow for the recording of central and peripheral physiological parameters, including electroencephalograms (64-electrode Geodesic sensor net, 250-1000 Hz sampling rate, EGI system), electrocardiogram (cardiac activity), electrooculogram (ocular activity), electromyogram (muscular activity) and respiratory activity. Furthermore, through the LiveTrack Lightning system it is possible to record eye movements with a sampling frequency of 60-500 Hz, an accuracy of 0.25° and a resolution of less than 0.05°, in addition to the ability to perform pupillometry. The system for the detection of eye movements can be easily synchronized (TTL triggers and digital markers) with the EEG recording system.

Innovation Center-Lab Neuroscience

The Neuroscience Lab stems from the collaboration between Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center and the scientific partner IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca. The Neuroscience Lab is equipped with wearable and non-invasive portable devices (such as Empatica E4 Stress Bracelet or Tobii pro Glasses 2) for psychophysiological measurements for central (EEG and fNIRS) and peripheral (cardiovascular and respiratory responses, galvanic response, autonomous responses, etc.) parameters.

External resources

IMT has access to three MRI scanners – available for functional and structural MRI studies –located at partner institutions in Pisa (1.5 and 7 Tesla) and Massa (3 Tesla). The scanners are equipped with a MR-compatible system for the presentation of auditory and visual stimuli (VisuaStim, Resonance Technologies, Inc.), including headphones, LCD goggles (800x600px resolution) and MR-compatible keyboards for response collection.