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Two sound-proof cabins (Boxy and B-ear) are available at our Multidisciplinary Laboratory (@ IMT Lucca). Cabin 1 is equipped with systems for the recording of central and peripheral nervous system activity (EEG: 64-electrode Geodesic sensor net, EGI system; skin conductance; electrocardiogram; electrooculogram; electromyogram and respiratory activity). Cabin 2 is equipped with LiveTrack Lightning system to record eye movements and pupillometry (up to 500Hz sampling rate and 0.25° accuracy. Wearable devices (Empatica E4 Stress Bracelet, Tobii pro Glasses 2) are also available to conduct on-field experiments. We collect MRI data at partner institutions in Pisa (1.5 and 7 Tesla) and Massa (3 Tesla). The scanners are equipped with MR-compatible systems for the presentation of auditory and visual stimuli (VisuaStim).