PhD Program in

Cognitive, Computational and Social Neurosciences (CCSN) 

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This research-based, multidisciplinary track focuses on cognitive, computational and social neurosciences, and integrates basic neuroscience methods with traditional experimental psychology and cognitive neuroscience. The track prepares researchers capable of developing innovative research strategies and creative ideas to monitor, understand and predict human behavior, mind and its complexity.

Currently, one of the most significant scientific challenges is understanding the human brain. Today, human neuroscience has made remarkable progresses in understanding the basic aspects of brain functional organization, primarily thanks to the advent of neuroimaging that provided scientists of various disciplines with an unprecedented opportunity to investigate the neurobiological bases of mental activities, in the healthy brain or in the presence of disease. Different disciplines have consequently begun to rely on neuroscience research methods to develop novel integrated approaches which, from economics to social sciences, from aesthetics to philosophy, seek a neural correlate of human behavior through multidisciplinary dialogues.

The Ph.D. Program in Cognitive, Computational and Social Neurosciences (CCSN) aims to provide the theoretical, methodological, instrumental and cultural skills necessary for studying the brain and mind, the interpretation and representation of the external world and the cognition and of human behaviors.

The descriptions of some examples of active projects and research themes are available here. The track is nonetheless interested in accepting research projects and themes proposed by candidates other than those described and, in general, in identifying with the students the research themes that best suit their skills and interests.

All Research units at the IMT School organize regular seminars by external and internal faculty members which complement the coursework with exposure to the latest research. Speakers at the seminars are leading researchers from all around the world. Please look at the MoMiLab Events page for a comprehensive list of past seminars and visiting professors.

The CCSN track is part of the Network of European Neuroscience Schools (NENS), that represents over 200 graduate neuroscience schools and programmes across 27 European countries.

What CCSN offers

For the academic year 2023-24, a PhD program in "Theoretical and Applied Neuroscience" involving numerous universities and research institutions in Italy, has been activated. The program is supported by different scholarships to conduct research in the various fields of neuroscience.

The new call is now open!

Select the Topic 1.1  'Advanced methods for characterizing functional correlates in cognitive and affective neurosciences' to join our lab at MOMILAB at IMT School.